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How to use

  • The directions of using the lens are as follows
    Make sure that you follow the user manual or doctor’s directions carefully before putting on lens.
    When you take out lens from container, please make sure that there’s no flipping, deformed or discolored, damaged or scratched, other material attached, and any stains on the lens.
    If there’s deformed or discolored, scratched lens, you should not use that lens. Please make sure the backside too.
    Makes sure that you clean hands clearly before putting on or taking off lens.

When putting on lens

  • Rinse lens fully with saline solution
  • While putting a lens on a index finger of the right hand, pull down a lower eyelid slightly with a middle finger of the same hand, and raise an upper eyelid with an index finger of the other hand to open an eye wide.
  • Look yourself in a mirror and approach the lens to the cornea of the eye slowly to place the lens there well. At this time, be careful not to close both eyes.
  • Once the lens is placed on the eye correctly, release the fingers there slowly.

When taking off lens

  • Look yourself in a glass and check where a lens is positioned.
  • Lift an upper eyelid with a finger of the left hand, and pull down a lower eyelid with a middle finger of the right hand to open the eye wide. Then, hold a lens with a thumb and an index finger of the right hand, and take off the lens from the cornea carefully. At this time , use a lubricant to make tears circulate well in the eye and take off the lens carefully only after lens are separated from the cornea. If you take off the lens remaining attached to cornea.


  • Put a lens on the palm of a hand, pour two or three drops of the cleaner there, and rub it slowly with a fingertip of the other hand.
  • Once you finish cleansing the lens, rinse it fully with saline solvent and store it in a lens case with the disinfection solution, paying attention not to change the right and left sides of lenses. Disinfection
  • As far as heat disinfection is concerned, fill the right and left lens cases with saline solution and put lenses into each case correctly and warm them up in of 85~100℃ water for 15 to 20 minutes.(options)
  • When it comes to chemical disinfection, fill the lens cases with a multi-propose solution instead of saline solution, and soak them there for more than four hours.


  • Place the lenses in the correct chambers of the lens case. Fill both chambers with multi-purpose solution ensure the lenses are fully covered.
  • Replace caps and leave for a minimum of 4 hours. Empty the lens case and rinse with multi-purpose solution(or saline solution), Allow it to dry
  • If you do not wear your lenses everyday you will be pleased to know that they can be left in the unopened lens case for up to 30days. After this time the cleaning and disinfection must be repeated before wear