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Before wearing Contact Lens,


  • If there are any problems on contact lens and its care products, they might cause serious damages to user eyes. To use lens and care products properly, make sure that you follow manuals and eye doctor’s direction carefully. Various eye troubles including cornea ulcer may happen to cause a sudden eyesight loss. Therefore, if you have any troubles in eyes such as excessive tears, eyesight loss or congestion, please take off lens and go to see an eye doctor immediately. Every contact lens user must visit an eye doctor according to directions.
  • If you are to drop some eye-lotion into eyes with contact lens placed, please consult with an eye doctor in advance.
  • Do not apply eye-lotion to the following patients : Those who have the hypersensitivity.
  • If the appearance of a product get damaged, inquire of a store about a matter.
  • Never use tap water for rinsing or storing your lenses.
  • Never use multipurpose solution for heat disinfection.
  • Use only multipurpose solutions recommended for soft contact lenses, never use multipurpose solutions recommended solely for hard contact lenses.
  • Expert should notice to patient about everything that a user can have on eye health during wearing like vertex refractive power of the prescription lens diameter , center thickness , water content , oxygen permeability index that in.

Side effects

  • Wearing lens might cause the following problems; eye irritation, burning sensation, itch, stimulus, growing uncomfortable after first use, foreign-body sensation, excessive tears, abnormal lachrymal secretion, blood-shot eye, dim image, rainbow or overlapped image, light over sensitiveness and dry cornea. If you suffer from any of those troubles, please take off lens immediately. Nevertheless, if you still feel a problem in eye afterwards or find some damages on the lens, never wear it again, please. If there are any foreign substances on the lens and problems continue to occur, please take off the lens immediately and consult with an eye doctor. As above-mentioned symptoms can develop into various illnesses like infection. Corneal ulcer or vascularization. It is essential to see an eye doctor immediately to avoid more serious potential troubles in eye.
  • Make it a rule to wash and rinse hands before handing contact lens.
  • When taking off contact lenses, remove them piece by and store them in correct cases to prevent the right and left sides from confusing one with the other.
  • Make it a rule to disinfect contact lenses after taking them off.
  • To prevent any contamination, never touch a stopper of the container and keep it closed when it is not in use.
  • After wearing contact lenses, throw away the solvent in cases and clean them clearly before drying. (Maintain containers to be clean always and replace them with new ones every two to three months.)
  • Be careful not to insert cosmetics or hair spray into eyes.
  • Keep them out of the reach of children. Cautions for Applications
  • Use the product after washing hands
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight and never use any product that passes an expiration date.