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Research Achievement
Patent Hydrophilic Terpolymer (No.37406) 10-1426068
Patent Mold for contact lens & manufacturing method (No.0385447) 10-1401615
Patent Edge grinder of contact lens (No.0400490) 10-1237489
Patent Manufacturing apparatus of contact lens with automatic process (No.0459500) 10-1190639
Patent Anti-germ contact lens contained naringin & its manufacturing method (No.10-0878053) 10-1123644
Patent Contact lenses that contain titanium dioxide & its manufacturing method (No.10-1123644) 10-1044955
Patent High-performance hydrogel contact lenses, including vinyl substituents force Pajin (No.10-1044955) 10-0878053
Patent Mold supply for contact lens molding (No.10-1190639) 10-0557679